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“Generation X meets Generation Z in a time defined by millennials. Navigating topics surrounding race, sexuality, bullying, manhood, and more; A Son with No Father is a book that shows the importance of a father's presence. Reyes shares how experiences spark intimate conversation with his son and the considerations he applies before providing his son guidance. This methodology gives a clear insight into the muse from which he draws inspiration for the poignant and honest poetry that anchors each chapter.

A Son with No Father is A Book with No Author – Mario’s first contribution to the world of literacy is no small feat. Intentionally designed not to be an average poetry coffee table book, he created a resource for single parents to use as a soundboard for their journey in parenthood.


Rich in vulnerability, the book is a hybrid merging short stories, self-help, and poetry. Understanding the journey is the best part of any adventure — Reyes shares his intent while being lost in the responsibility of framing the world at large to this human becoming. Consider this experience a real-time simulation — a book that talks back to you, offers constructive criticism to be used to assist parents in being proactive and seize control over the narrative for their children before the internet and social media controls it for.

Littered within the pages, the virtues of manhood are touched heavily which allows his work to be the baseline for the discussion on the redefinition of manhood. Establishing a national mastermind with local organizations Reyes seeks to introduce a support group for the socially conscious to change the narrative about abusive and neglectful fathers and men in black and brown cultures.

This book is a tool to be utilized by all.



In hopes of facilitating communication between parent and child, I decided to create a workbook that can aide in that dialogue. If you choose to read this book together the below matrix uses age and the growth chart to help you consider your unique child’s needs in navigating the topics.


The associated chart is based loosely on Piaget’s stages of cognitive development and speech/language milestones. They are often the gross framework from which newer theories have been based.

Using this as a baseline for navigating the book you can chart the growth and development of your conversations with your child. Although this chart suggests age no one knows your child better than you, therefore you may feel comfortable discussing more mature and advanced topics.

The Choice Is Yours!

"A Son with No Father is a candid intentional dialogue and expose of art that provides a mindful and entertaining backdrop to parenting. Reyes gracefully, yet unapologetically, tackles complicated subjects that have become common in modern parenting like race, relationships, sexuality, and bullying. He provokes thought and discussion to ease parents into a discussion with their children. Through his transparency, Reyes has also created space for parents to reminisce, reveal, and revel in their past while shepherding a boy to manhood. Parents of school-age boys through young adulthood will find this book is like talking to a friendly peer in parenting who just gets it! Amidst the daunting task of preparing a son for manhood while cherishing every inch of innocence, parents will find the amplified narratives within A Son with No Father, enveloped in purpose and prose, an invaluable companion."



Georgia State University

Speech-Language Pathologist &

Clinical Instructor of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Mario Reyes is a proud native of The Bronx, New York. Currently calling Atlanta, Georgia home he exposes his children to the medicine that is nature in the belief it will guide him where he may fail. This passion has prompted him to travel globally professing the love for fatherhood and need to redefine manhood for contemporary times. Leveraging his experience in the Air Force and as a successful businessman he has become a bridge between the culture of poetry and brands hoping to articulate their vision. A hybrid of the times Reyes prides himself on extending respect to every human, regardless of their disposition. A renaissance man for modernity.


mario reyes


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